K7 Treadmill




  • 18.5’’ IPS HD touch SCREEN, Speed range: 0.8-20km/h
  • Incline range: 0-18%
  • Program:P1-P16 & U1-U10
  • Ac motor: 4.0HP
  • Incline motor: 1/10, centerline spacing 285, range 150
  • Running space: 1450×705×25mm
  • Size of caterpillar track:3480×600×2.5(Tire pattern)
  • Front roller: Φ90×t3.0×712mm  belt: φ125- axisΦ25
  • Back roller: Φ90×t3.0×700mm  axisΦ25
  • Max loading: 160kg
  • Reading stand


  • Size: 225×89×156cm
  • Weight:205Kg
  • Step in height: 32cm
  • Length of handrail: 50 cm
  • Running surface: 155×60cm
  • Incline range:0-18%
  • Program: P1-P16& U1-U10
  • Operation Language: Chinese/English


  • Wireless WIFI
  • Mobile device- USB


  • Control panel: K7’s control panel has a 18.5’’ IPS HD touch SCREEN which allows all trainers to monitor their physical condition and training level
  •  Driving system: With powerful 4.0HP motor and better cooler ability, K5 can provide great efficiency and reliability
  • Buffering system: Unique silicone materials & damping springs(patent number: 201520078251.1) provide better training stability, also there is special architectural design in the middle of running surface which reduce the running impact on trainer’s joint to the minimum.
  • Relaxing & warming up model: Considering the convenience of operation, K5 set up the relaxing & warming up button to provide better exercise experience to all trainers.
  • Automatic lubricating system: Prevent mechanical wear and extent product’s service life.