People want a Wellness Lifestyle. TR line by IMPACT reaches those who want to lose weight, improve their health, physical condition and enjoy a better lifestyle by through regular exercise, yet are intimidated or dissatisfied by traditional gyms.
The TR quick-training circuit responds to potential clients who search for a friendly, informal atmosphere where they can find non-intimidating and easy-to-use equipment. It's a strength and metabolic training that helps users drop pounds quickly in a social atmosphere.  Simple and welcoming design attracts actively ageing users and young adults alike.
In the reciprocating process, can respectively exercise the brachial biceps muscle and brachial triceps muscle group
1.Cylinder: 1-6 gear adjustment
2. Cushion: many colors available, zipper design for easy replacement of seat cushion color
3.Impact are designed to provide resistance on both the push and pull, this is called Auxotonic movement and is the best way to exercise to keep muscle mass. Almost all the machines are combo so the user can exercise two muscle groups at the same time.The exercise can be stopped at any time without any problem.Which is safe to trainers.
4.The bearing has inner sealing oil, running smoothly, low noise, maintenance free for lifetime.
5.Aluminum alloy end cap of frame.
6.Aluminum alloy pedal
7.The whole machine is welded, the whole machine is shipped, and the customer is free from installation.
8.The rack with rubber casters, the movement is simpler
9.Small footprint and space saving
10.The steel material is Q235 steel, oval tube with a thickness of 3 mm.
11.Electrostatic spraying,colors of frame can be customized.
Superior-grade Grey upholstery stitched over high density foam with 3/6 CDX plywood. The cushion leather is PU material with 1.4mm in thickness and the seat has high-density recycled sponge.The color of it can be customized.
13.Suitable for both recovery purposes and intense training
14.Zero resistance at the beginning of the pulling motion ensures easier exercise start
Net weight:48Kg
Gross weight:53Kg
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