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Detailed Overview
Triumph Fitness llc get a customer-made requirement from one client.He just talked us what functions and accessories he want.and offered his gym’s floor plan.Yep.It means Triumph Fitness will offer a new special functional rack for his small gym.
Even if you only order one device, we will design it for you

This is not difficult for Triumph fitness, providing a functional rack that is exclusive to your gym regardless of color,function,size for your room.Even if you only order one device, we will design it for you.

Add more 6 wheels on the bottem of the storage rack.

OK,IT is what Triumph fitness can do,6 wheels

One month later,our client want to purchase the rack and storage made for his gym.

2019-12-23 ship to clients after 3 weeks he payed the deposit.For his satisfactory storage rack and functional rig.

Triumph fitness equipment are popular in client’s gym,so beautiful