Considered the best in overall design quality.Traditional press bar is bio-mechanically designed for maximum chest concentration and outstanding muscle development. Completely adjustable press cable allows a perfect fit for all size users when doing chest. Work your lats on the chest supported mid row or reach up and grab the lat bar to really blast your lats.  Press station and leg developer incorporate the smooth glide bearing System. Loaded with over 50 exercises, it’s the perfect gym for maximum versatility in minimum space.
1 Main material: 40 * 80 * 2.0 flat oval tube
I-shaped base: atmospheric, stable.
Fully enclosed curved net cover
Equipped with training diagrams, convenient for beginners to use
The LC9605 personal fitness training machine has a compact structure, and also brings you the training experience of a professional fitness club in a small space.
The standard configuration of the selection piece is 55 kg plastic shell weight
Rotating five-speed adjustable arm, providing a variety of training options
Product Features:
Pull down, push the chest, pull the back, expand the chest, kick, sit in a rowing boat, biceps, triceps stretch, abdominal back, curved legs,                                                                                      LC9605 SINGLE WEIGHT STACK WORK STATION  is an advanced home gym which gives users a total body work out, efficiently and in the comfort of their own home. No standing in line at the gym or paying outrageous membership fees, the LC9605 has it all.
Perfect Position
Featuring four stations for total body fitness and a 55Kg weight stack, there’s no need to worry about bars and plates laying all over the ground. Everything is self contained all that’s needed is to move a pin. With the adjustable press arm, the LC9605 is suitable for any size user, giving outstanding range of motion and complete adjustability. Deep muscle interaction for the chest and shoulders can be achieved easily and effectively with the multi-grip press arms.
No More Floors
Rowing exercises have never been so comfortable or effortless. There’s no reason to get down on the floor, just grab a hold of the mid row handles work out that lower back stress, improve flexibility and build strength. Finish the rowing exercises and go right into some chest presses, just by flipping the handle around.  Changing positions and exercises is fast and efficient. Lat pull downs, curls, abdominal crunches and a surplus of exercises can be performed with the cable attachments

Net weight:134Kg
Gross weight:150Kg
Loaded type:balance sheet
Standard load:55KG
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