SQUAT    FT2750
Sissy Squat is one of the most intense and effective exercises for quad training. Our Sissy Squat machine isolates the quads (almost 100%), a great way to exercise the legs with-out having to stress other parts of the body, especially good for those experiencing back problems. We recommend that you always warm up the knee joint with some free (non-weighted) squats before commencing your session with the sissy squat. Once you are warmed up and at a reasonable strength level you can further intensify your sissy squat workout by holding a weight plate in your hands while performing reps. There is no other leg exercises more intense than this.
Easy pull pin adjustment for height of support pads and ankle pad fixing make it ideal for a large variety of users. The solid steel frame is 50mm x 70mm with a steel checker plate base.
Net weight:19.5Kg
Gross weight:28Kg
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