For 20 years Triumph Fitness LLC has been corporate with the leading logistics provider specializing in GYM  products.

 We've been creating logistics solutions for the fitness industry. since the day we started. We employ professionals who are experts in both fitness equipment and logistics in order to truly deliver the best fitness solution for

 With a direct global presence and thousands of team members throughout the world, JSI strives to provide comprehensive solutions with unprecedented operational excellence.

 We know the storage, packaging, distribution and transportation of fitness equipment needs to be carefully handled down to the very last detail.

 Our comprehensive fitness/gym products supply chain and shipping solutions saving valuable product cycle time and reducing overall costs

 The combination of leading logistics services demonstrates Triumph Fitness LLC dedication to the fitness industry. We re the experts in this industry for a reason -we know what it take

 Triumph Fitness LLC invests heavily in our fitness equipment supply chain solutions, building custom solutions established to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Triumph Fitness LLC team has the experience, security, reliability and state of the tracking system. Our fitness equipment shipping solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of any size company, from start-up ventures to large multinational corporations.

 Door to Door shipping and unloading services

 we unload Gym equipment to specified destination as you required, so please make clearly in your order/contract/email notified message the detail address of room or building or warehouse.

 Please inform when you have own shipping agent or loading equipment this will less the cost of shipping charge on your side

 The GYM equipment can be ship by sea or railway or air and multimodal transport

1. we will send"Invoice and Packing list"to confirm before shipping.

 2.send shipping tracking information up to date information for your reference.