FANATICS  racks offer configurable customization that allows for nearly limitless performance strength training possibilities. FANATICS gives you the options to make your performance training regimen flexible, and because of modularity, each rack can be modified long after it is installed so that it can grow with your training needs.

The main frame is made of high-strength steel pipe.
The grip part is made of beech wood with a diameter of 35mm.
A hook is arranged between two groups of ribs, which can effectively contain yoga mats
1.Space saving,just mounted to the wall with multi-founction
2.Chin up handles
3.Raw steel: 50*75*3 mm
4. The 3D laser cutting machine has high processing precision with error within ±0.020 mm
5.Fixing ring for TRX training
6. Rack color can be customized according to customers’ needs
7.We can quickly provide design sketch according to customer requirements
8.Short leading time (4-8 weeks, from design to delivery to your port)

It's a set of customized training equipment based on the combination of ribs. It includes a group of ribs, a group of dual-use medicine ball springboards, a group of pull-ups, and a group of wall tripods (four units). This design  expands the function of the equipment. The wall-type tripod combination can hang sandbags, can be used as TRX hanging points, and can store  balls on the top. In the figure, the space below the grips of the pull-ups can be configured with a shelf yoga mat hook frame (not shown in the figure).

Net weight:114Kg
Gross weight:125Kg
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