The Bowflex HVT machine combines both - cardio and strength into one of the fastest, most effective workouts ever designed. In as little as 18 minutes and 20 seconds, Hybrid Velocity Training can deliver a full-body circuit that helps you burn fat and build muscle all at the same time. The Bowflex HVT machine’s dynamic coaching console features three pre-programmed workout modes, resistance adjustment at the turn of a dial and an intuitive interface to provide instant feedback while keeping you motivated and on track. It comes with built-in Bluetooth® technology and the FREE Bowflex HVT APP for iOS and Android, giving you access to 50 trainer-led exercise videos that will guide you every step of the way! Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, the Bowflex HVT can adapt to your needs, allowing you to customize workouts and start your fitness journey now!
3 Pre-Programmed Workouts
Sprint (power, speed and recovery)
Circuit (strength, form and range of motion)
Builder (strength and endurance)
Manual Mode
Choose from 50 unique exercises
Dynamic Coaching Console
Syncs with Free HVT® App and Workout Videos
Available for Apple iOS and Android devices 1
Bluetooth® 4.0 Compatible
Total Power Technology
Tracks work rate, intensity and fitness progress
Progressive Fan Resistance
6 Premium Grip Handles

Dimensions: 1666 x 1168 x 2108 mm
Net weight: 82.6 kg
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