Imagine Strength the new HIT training revolution. Simple- Safe- Effective.

They say that "Necessity is the mother of inventionand we very much agree! Understanding that today,there are many different types of clients from men and women to young and seniors, Imagine Strength 's new line of properly designed equipment is designed for any Age, any Body , any Condition! Designed in the U.S. by Nautilus and Medx designer Clay Steffee in collaboration with a group of HT training centers owners to bring to market equipment designed for proper function and safety. From over 100 years of training and design experience comes the next training revolution. Now is the time for sane and effective training tools to help all clients no matter age or condition to improve their lives through properly designed exercise equipment to help trainees get twice the results in 1/10th the time. The time is NOW!

Here are the key features of the new modern Imagine Strength equipment line:

1) 11 gauge steel- built to last

2) Bent oval tubing- modern design and aesthetics

3) New patented Adaptive drive to better follow muscle and joint function- less chance of joint irritation with better joint and muscle tracking. Able to train more clients with a wider range of issues.

4) Increased adjustability for a wide group of trainees.- no matter the different heights or frame sizes, the Imagine Strength line has been designed to adjust to fit large to small frames. Even the movement arms adjust to fit more clients. Improving bottom line by allowing more people to train.

5) Low profile weight stack frames for a improved look- More modern feel and design.

6) 2lbs. Incremental weight stack adjustments- equipment to ft even the most frail trainee.

7) Low friction with sealed bearings throughout all machine movements.

8) Easy set up and use- from over 100 years of combined training and design comes equipment that is simple to set up and easy to use.

9) Adjustable start and top stop positions have been designed into all of the Imagine Strength pieces- this allows for different training protocols to be used easily on all Imagine strength equipment.

10) Each piece is powder coated to exacting standards- able to withstand daily use while still looking good.

11) Modern construction from a leading manufacturer, with robotic welding, laser cut and thick powder coating- done right every time.

Net weight:368Kg
Gross weight:430Kg
Standard weight:380LBS+18LBS
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